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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lemon Rice

One of the easiest and tastiest dishes and an anytimer. This can be prepared in a giffy if all the ingredients are available.


1.   Cooked Rice                                             -     2-3 cups
2.   Lemon                                                        -     1 big
3.   Salt                                                              -     As per taste
3.   Mustard seeds                                         -     1 tbslp
4.   Channa Dal                                              -     1 tbslp
5.  Green chillies                                           -     2-3 small 
6.  Curry leaves                                             -    Few
7.  Oil                                                                  -   3-4 spoons
8.  Hing                                                               -  A pinch
9.  Peanuts and Cashews                             -   For tempering and garnishing.
10. Turmeric Powder                                  -   1 tbslp

Procedure :

  Cut the green chillies into very small pieces and keep it aside. Heat a kadai and add oil to it. Add Mustard seeds and allow it to splutter. Then add channa dal and green chillies and fry for abt 10 seconds. Then add curry leaves, hing and turmeric powder, Cashews and peanuts and fry for about a minute.

Then remove the mixture from stove. Add the cooked rice and salt and mix well. Then cut the lemon and squeeze the juice to the rice and mix well. Lemon rice is ready to be served. Fresh coriander leaves can also be used to garnish.


Donot add lemon while the mix is still cooking as it will spoil the mix.


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