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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Noodles in Babycorn aloo gravy

Last week, I had got a pack of plain Instant Noodles for my daughter, since she does not like the masala. 
I only add salt and pepper for her noodles. But for me and my hubby that wont suffice and what else can be added to that apart from Veggies and Garam masala. So again the Fridge hunt started.

I had a can of Baby corn, few potatoes and Frozen peas. Then I had the freaking idea of making a gravy of these and mixing the noodles to the same.

Ofcourse I was worried of the result and taste. But my experiment did not disappoint me or my hubby. It turned very good.

Here goes the recipe.


Ingredients :

1. Plain noodles                             - 1 pkt
2. Aloo/Potato .                             - 3-4 
3. Baby corn                                   - 7-8
4. Peas                                               - 1 cup
5. Onions                                           - 2 medium
6. Tomato Puree                           - 1 Tblsp
7. Garam masala                        - 2-3 tblsp
8. Salt                                                - To taste
9. Oil                                                    - 2 tblsp
10. Jeera seeds                               - 1 tspn


First boil and keep the noodles aside. Then boil the potatoes separately and allow it to cool. Cut onions in large and thin slices. In a kadai , add oil and Jeera seeds. Once it splutters, add Onion and saute till it turns glacious. Then add the tomato puree and fry for just abt 30 seconds. Then add sufficient water, salt, peas and garam masala and allow it to boil till the raw smell goes. Then mash the boiled potatoes and add it to the mixture. Slit the baby corn in halves and and add it to the mixture. Allow it to boil for just about a minute.

Now in a bowl, keep the noodles and add the gravy to it and serve hot.


  1. looks delicious, would like to eat now. yummy.

    today's recipe:

  2. nice dish. do visit my space some time.


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