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Friday, 15 November 2013

Fried Idlies with stir fried veggies.

Idlies are the most safest and healthiest food. But not evrybody may like Idlies as is in the original form. Especially me, not evrytime I like to eat Idlies plain and always I try to make an addition to the Idlies. Today my daughter was also at home. She loves plain Idlies, but I wanted to give a variation to that. I even sought help frm fellow bloggers and few of them gave good tips. I customized one of the recipes to my taste and bingo. My daughter was so happy with the result and she ate more than her usual count. Here goes the recipe.

Fried Idlies with Stir fried Veggies :

1.   Idlies                                  -  6 nos.
2.   Onion                                 -  1 medium
3.   Tomato                              -  1 small
4.   Carrot                                - 1 medium
5.   Potato                                 - 1 medium
6.   Green peas                        - 1 cup
7.   Green Chilly                      - 1 medium
8.   Ginger                                - 1 small piece
9.   Mustard, Jeera, Oil          - For seasoning
10. Idli Chutney powder or
      Paruppu (Dhal powder)   - 3-4 spoons
11. Curd                                       - 2-3 spoons


  In a plate, take the Idli Chutney powder or Dhal powder and make a paste of it with Sesame or Gingelly oil and curd. Cut the Idlies into equal pieces and marinate them in the curd paste for abt 10-15 mins. In a kadai, heat small amt of oil. Once the oil is heated, shallow fry the Idlies till lightly crisp. And leave the fried idlies aside. In the same kadai, add some oil and add mustard seeds and Jeera and allow it to splutter.
Then add the green chilly and ginger and fry for a min. Then add the onion and tomato and cook till the raw smell goes. Then add the cut carrot, potato and green peas and fry till cooked. Then add garam masala or sambar powder and cook till the raw smell goes. Now add the fried idlies and fry for another 2-3 mins. 
Fried Idlies is done. Garnish with fresh coriander and serve hot along with sauce or chutney.

These can also be used as starters in parties. I prepared them for lunch.

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