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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Maladu/Pottukadalai laadu/Roasted Gram Laddu

Maladu /Pottukadalai Laddu/Roasted Gram Dal Laddu.

    Pottu Kadalai Laddu or Roasted Gram dal Laddu is a wholesome snack packed with proteins and nutrients and is an apt Evening snack.


  Ingredients :

   Pottukadalai/ Roasted Gram      - 150 grams.

   Sugar                                                      - 100 Grams. or as per the sweet tooth.
   Ghee                                                       - 5 - 6 Tspoons

   Cardamom                                           - 2 to 3 pods.

   Cashews and raisins                      - For Garnishing.

Preparation :

   First Powder the Roasted gram until fine flour. Powder the sugar and cardamom together. Transfer all the ingredients in a vessel. Now in a kadai or frying pan heat the ghee and pour it in the mixture of roasted gram and sugar. Fry the cashews until golden brown and raisins and add it to the mixture. Once the heat subsides, make laddus.

Roasted gram, sugar and cardamom can be powdered together as well.


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