Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Daliya Poha ladoos/ Pottukadalai Aval ladoos.

      My daughter goes crazy for Pottukadalai ladoos. Since she is a picky eater, I make this for her quite often. These ghee laden ladoos are a rich source of protein for pure vegetarians like us. Today she was pesturing me for something crunchy and that too immediately. I shortlisted so many snacks but she kept saying no for everything. Finally I was able to guess she was asking for these. But to my dismay I was running short of Pottukadalai, but had almost a full packet of beaten rice flakes. A quick decision turned out to be a tasty sweet dish. 

        I quickly collected all the ingredients and sprung into action and tadaa these ladoos were born. :D. My husband was in the though that these were made of sooji but was awestruck when I revealed the secret ingredient for the coarse texture.

So here goes the ingredients :

Ingredients :

    1.  Pottudalai/Daliya                               -  1 cup (roughly 150-200 gms)
    2.  Aval/Beaten rice flakes                     -  1.5 - 2 cups.
    3.  Sugar                                                     -  Per your taste, I used around 1.5 cups
    4.  Ghee                                                      -  As required.
    5.  Cardamom                                            - 15-20 pods
    6.  Nuts of your choice, I used Pista.

Procedure :

    In a kadai, dry roast the Poha. No need to roast it brown as the ladoos will get discolored. In a mixie put the roasted poha, pottukadalai/daliya, sugar and cardamom pods and grind it to a powder. In the same kadai melt the ghee, fry the nuts till golden brown In a a big plate or big bowl put the powdered mixture and add the hot ghee and make ladoos immediately. Add extra ghee if you are not able to shape the ladoos.


1. I have given a rough estimate of the ingredients.                                                                              
2.  The ladoos need to be made as soon as the hot ghee is poured otherwise shaping will be    difficult. You can use a spoon to mix the ghee for easy shaping.



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